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NuFinishPro Refinishing Services

NuFinishPro Specializes in Bathtub, Sink and Kitchen Surface Refinishing

Eco Friendly

Refinishing is a great way to restore the look of your porcelain tub, tile, and fiberglass enclosures and save up to 75% of what it would cost for new construction. We effectively refinish shower pans, Formica counter tops, and cultured marble vanities, and you will be amazed by all our granite-like finishes that will enhance the look of your kitchen or bathroom. NuFinishPro refinishing services can repair the cement foundation for your bathtub, patch the fiberglass in your tub or shower, add easy access to your bathtub wall, and strip and replace the old or defective coating on your bathtub, shower or sink.

Do you “think green?” Our landfills are 50% full of construction waste. There is no better way to reduce our carbon footprint and trash than by restoring, repairing, and refinishing the items in your home using our green-friendly products.

Surface Refinishing Services

  • Fiberglass bathtub
  • Fiberglass shower stall
  • Fiberglass shower pan
  • Tile shower stall
  • Porcelain bathtub
  • Porcelain tile walls
  • Vanities (ceramic tile)
  • Tile/Formica kitchen countertops
  • Kitchen sink
  • Bathroom vanity drop-in sinks
  • Non-slip solution for floor, tub, and shower surfaces
  • Drain liner

Additional Fiberglass Repairs

  • Cement foundation for unsupported tubs
  • Fiberglass patch for tub floor cutout
  • Plumbers cut-out patch
  • Handicap access fiberglass side cutout
  • Stripping of previous defective coating
  • Shower door removal
  • Bathtub chemical clean
Step tub

CleanCut Safety Steps

Why bother with a pricey bathroom remodel or bathroom renovation? The CleanCut Step and CleanCut door work on your existing bathtub. A safety step gives you easier access to your bathroom shower or tub by lowering the tub’s side wall to provide easier access. It also helps reduce the possibility of bathroom falls by increasing convenience and safety.

The CleanCut step provides easy step-in shower access to your existing bathtub, and the CleanCut door adds a water-tight door to your bathtub so that you can step in and take a full bath. The CleanCut ultra-low adds step-in access to higher profile bathtubs, while the CleanCut convertible provides flexible and easy bathtub access.

CleanCut products can be installed into all existing bathtub types, including fiberglass, acrylic, steel, and cast iron.

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